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jury to reach based on the evidence. legal experts say this came down to reasonable doubt. >> casey anthony began to cry as she heard the verdict. >> as for the charge of first- degree murder, we find the defendant not guilty. >> yes broke down hugging her defense team when it was all over. >> i want her to be able to grieve and grow and somehow get her life back together. >> it took a jury a little more than ten hours to acquit anthony of the most serious charges. of first-degree murder, manslaughter, and child abuse. then they unanimously decided they didn't want to talk to the media and explain their decision. folks lingers here outside the courthouse for some time because this was not the outcome most of these people were expecting. when the verdicts were read, there was an audible gasp.
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customers at a restaurant had a similar reaction. >> i couldn't believe they could be that wrong. i couldn't believe those people could make that decision. >> the defense built the case around caylee's death was an accident and she drowned in the family swimming pool. the prosecution tried to hammer away at the 25-year-old mother's credibility. they painted her as a liar and a woman who didn't want to be a mother anymore. >> our mountain of evidence did not eliminate in the jury's view every reasonable doubt. >> the jury did convict anthony of lying to the police during the investigation. she'll be back in court thursday for sentencing. she faces a maximum of four years in prison, but could walk away a free woman if the judge rules time served. casey anthony's attorney, jose biaz says there are no winners because caylee is dead. most legal experts believe that on thursday, casey anthony will be set free for time served and listen to this, they say her attorney could have actually asked for her to be set free
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pending sentencing and so she would be free right now if they had done that. reporting live in orlando, i'm karen brown, back to you. >> that's one thing we're going to be asking two of our guests. was today's verdict the result of great work by casey anthony's defense team or a failure on the part of the prosecution? we are joined by a couple experts to talk about that. debbie is a former prosecutor who tried felony cases including murders and jeffrey is an experienced criminal defense and trial attorney with mccarthy, sweeney, and harkaway. before we bring up the point karen brought up, just your general reaction, i mean casey anthony was found not guilty on the strongest charges against her. what was your reaction? >> a classic case of reasonable doubt. i mean in the words of johnny cochran. if the evidence doesn't fit, you must acquit. >> you have a circumstantial
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case, lesli. they couldn't figure out various aspects and pin the blame on who did what and blame allegedly to the grandfather, he abused her as a child. we didn't know who killed the baby. we didn't know who put the baby in the swamp. >> and we still don't know that. >> we don't know who put the duct tape on. a lot of question marks. the defense attorney raised a lot of question marks to see what was stick and obviously a lot stuck because it ended up with an acquittal. >> it is interesting because that defense attorney, the lead defense attorney was criticized for a good part of this trial as not doing enough to defend casey anthony and yet this team ends up pulling this out. so is this a case of more of a success to the defense or the prosecution this was -- they didn't do enough? >> i think it was a combination of both. the prosecution was relying on the emotions of the jury and the jury didn't go with it. they kept showing pictures of the tattoo she had, her partying, hanging out with the
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boyfriend on screen with the picture of her daughter and they were so relying on that and all the lies that she made and that's the verdict they got, was she lied to the police. >> lesli, this was a disaster for the prosecution because you have the defendant convicted of four misdemeanors. she probably will get time served. she's already served almost three years in jail. she will likely get time served. she will be released on thursday. she should have been released today. >> why didn't the attorney ask? >> he should have asked immediately. he could file a motion tomorrow morning and ask for her release. the judge thinks she could have been convicted of murder and gives her the full four years and calculating how much time she would serve under the florida system. >> you all seem to agree that there's a strong possibility that casey anthony will walk out thursday without having to serve any additional jail time. >> that's more likely than not. it's only a four year maximum
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or less that she would serve and she's been in since 2009. doing the calculation for time served, she's going to probably walk. >> it will be interesting to see how this plays out. the jury makes a decision in ten hours. she's sentenced two days after this verdict is read. how unusual is this whole scenario? >> i think that's a signal by the judge that he knows exactly what he will give her. he doesn't need any memos from the council involved. he knows she is getting released. >> jeffrey, debbie heinz, thank you so much for coming in. derek. >> as we know, lesli, a huge crowd gathered outside the courthouse in orlando waiting to see what would happen. we go back to karen brown who is live outside that courthouse. and karen, what was the reaction from that crowd which had almost expected another verdict when they heard the words not guilty? >> yeah, you know derek, there was an audible outcry. folks had come here from all around the world. folks that have been watching
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this on television and felt like they wanted to be here. that's not what they expected. many of them angry, still walking around this area wanting to talk to anybody that will listen. so many of them that watched the evidence on television felt like she definitely had something to do with her daughter's death and obviously many of these people, parents i spoke to a lot of moms that felt like somebody needed to be speaking for caylee and she had been lost in all of this. definitely folks are stunned and in fact, derek, i want to tell you that george anthony, the man that the defense said was really responsible for covering up an accident death. he issued a statement saying even though we're never going to know what happened to caylee, this ends the chapter that has been happening right now. hopefully their family can begin the healing process. he did call the defense baseless, but said the jury reached a fair verdict based on the evidence. >> that was going to be my next question. were there any other family members out there or folks close to the family, did they
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have any reaction? was there reaction any different than the crowd that showed up? >> my understanding is that everybody is surprised by this verdict, including casey herself, her attorneys, most analysts said that things weren't necessarily going so well for them. but again we can never get in the minds of a jury. so we do know that george has issued a statement. george anthony, and her parents got up and left before this proceeding was even over with. casey has not seen her parents. she has not allowed them to visit her at the jail. she does not look at them during the court proceedings. so what this family's relationship is at this point is really unclear. >> yeah, no doubt it certainly has taken a hit from all this. we want to thank you for your time this afternoon, we appreciate it. we now turn to bruce leshan who is live in our newsroom with lots of local reaction. surprise, shock, those are the words we are all hearing, bruce. >> journalists are supposed to
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be dispassionate, but there was a gasp that went out when the jury announced its verdicts and out on the streets, people who say they have just watched little bits of the case say they were surprised. >> i'm shocked. wow. i mean, i don't know what to say about this. it's just really shocking. >> apparently she didn't report she was missing for 31 days. >> oh i know that. >> she went out tonight clubs and got a tattoo. >> i don't understand how that could have happened. just because -- i mean she lied repeatedly. >> i know you're not supposed to assume people are guilty in the beginning, but there's a lot of things stacked up against her, like the car and the smells and things like that. it's a surprise. >> she's a mother, but i thought she did it, i really did. i think she was just a young mother, she didn't know what she was doing. >> it's hard to imagine that child's death is not going to be avenged. there's no justice. >> it's up to the jury and i'm
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not going to form an opinion by watching small snippets of it on the news. >> whatever happened, there is another judgment coming. >> several people said to me that in an era where you can watch the csi actors wrap up their case in an hour, jurors are looking for substantial evidence. they want dna. they didn't have it here and found casey anthony not guilty of everything but lying to the police. derek. >> we thank you for that. we have been getting a will the of comments on our facebook page as well. denise writes wow, unbelievable. either that young lady had brilliant lawyers or the prosecution was absent. so this child was missing for a month and that woman said nothing to nobody? i see a book in the works. i committed murder, prove it. >> mary rerespond this way. if you've been on jury duty, it's not able personal feelings. that's why everyone should sit on a jury and then we'll understand going but the law. i'm not saying she's not
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guilty. >> to recap, it took ten hours of deliberations for a florida jury to acquit casey anthony of murdering her two-year-old daughter, caylee. anthony began crying when that verdict was read. she could have received the death penalty if convicted. >> jury did find guilty lying to investigators and faces up to a year. however, she's been in jail for two years already so she could walk free. stay with 9news now throughout the evening. we'll have more reaction and find complete coverage on the website, from one breaking news story to another. on interstate 66 where an accident is causing some big problems this rush hour. the westbound lanes are shut down now because of a tractor trailer accident. the cab of the vehicle became separated from its load near oakton, virginia, the truck that was hauling hay caught on fire. the westbound lanes of 66 were backed up for several hours while firefighters sprayed down the hay.
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the driver of the truck was not hurt. now westbound traffic is being diverted on to route 123 this evening. >> they have been without power now for nearly two days. coming up, the rare step they have to take to get the power back on for folks in north arlington. anny. >> and we're looking at some really nice conditions tonight. here's a look at doppler radar where we have a few storms. we'll talk about the increase in humidity coming up a little later.
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over international monetary fund chief domonique strauss- kahn may be trouble for now, but his legal troubles are far from over. filed a former complaint of attempted rape against strauss- kahn today in paris. claims he tried to sexually assault her in 2003. this all comes as the sexual
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assault case against strauss- kahn in new york appears to be falling apart. prosecutors are questioning the credibility of the hotel maid who accused him of attempted rape and could reportedly drop the charges all together. a close call for one montgomery county family after an suv barrels straight into their home. this happened after midnight on aspen hill road in aspen hill as suray hill shows the carnage left behind. >> i don't believe it. >> i heard a loud crash. >> the suv in my dining room. >> avery just dozed off and thought he might be in a dream. >> it's not every day you see a truck in your dining room. > early this morning, the driver was coming down aspen hill road, hit two parked vehicles. there's glass all over the road, hit that one-way sign, came through the property of the aspen hill public library quite a distance here, went through the fence before landing right into the family
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living room. >> i heard my mom scream. >> 12-year-old sebastian was in his room. >> there was this piece of the wall flying at me. >> but his main concern was for mom. >> who was in the living room where the car had landed. >> there was all this stuff flying on her. the washing machine almost flew on her and the car was only a few inches away. >> this close. >> this close to her face. she is lucky to be alive. >> they all are because the suv landed three feet from the main gas line. lucky because mom had thought about taking the dog out in the backyard that very moment. she was buried underneath the rubble as the family dog tried to find her. the 22-year-old driver crying as police handcuff her. >> i haven't seen anything this scary in my life. hard to believe. >> the family knows it all could have been so much worse. >> i'm glad she's alive. >> in aspen hill, suray chin,
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9news now. >> she was driving under the influence. people in north arlington are without power two days after violent thunderstorms swept through our area. >> they are bringing in special heavy equipment just to get the lights back on in that affected neighborhood. peggy fox is live now with the latest. oh my goodness, look at that stuff, peggy. >> this is a huge crane. they had to bring it in so they could lift two utility poles, one at a time up over these two homes. because the two utility homes in their backyards came crashing to the ground in sunday night's storm. dominion virginia power crews found two downed utility poles behind two homes on williamsburg road. they realize they couldn't just drop the trees to the ground because under the leaves was a buick and a jaguar. >> the work that is involved
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here is tremendous. we're going to remove all of the trees that are here, being careful not to damage the two vehicles that are underneath all of these trees that have fallen. >> to replace the two poles would take special care as well. a massive crane had to be brought in. because trucks could not drive into the backyards with the new poles. the poles would have to be lifted up and over the houses. a very rare procedure. hundreds of arlington residents were without power for much of the day from sunday's storm and downed trees closed major thorough fairs like old dominion, tangling the morning rush. >> it is disconcerning when do you see all the lines down. hopefully they'll get to it within a few days. >> fourth of july holiday may have caused some of the delays. >> they have been working on these lines and evidently the fourth of july people are going to a club last night made them stop early. >> some residents were angry that power had told them they
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would get their power back on yesterday and they are still waiting. >> i'm not bothering to call anymore, because it doesn't seem to be accurate. >> we do our best to provide the best guessed estimate based on the damage assessments we do immediately following the storm. >> and when they get into these neighborhoods and they realize that they have more to deal with, it's just simply takes longer. now once they get these two poles installed and up and working, they will be able to give these two homes electricity, but connect 200 other customers. a lot of work is being done right here in arlington county. back to you derek. >> it's a big mess, peggy. they are getting it cleaned as fast as they can. let's get outside where anny and lesli are enjoying the nice weather. >> there's no air-conditioning and we really feel for folks who don't have power on days like this because it is hot out here. >> it's warming up, but you are cooling down tonight,
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already in the upper 80s for now. it could be worse is the way we'll look at things. and as we are getting in through the night hours, a nice night. if you want to have a barbecue, dinner outside, go ahead and do that. we have showers and storms toward the beach, bethany, and ocean city. around d.c., we have lots of sunshine. it looks good thanks to high pressure. we had a few lightning strikes, but right now things are really quiet, that should stay that way, but things start to change by tomorrow, late afternoon, and around this time. right now temperatures in the upper 80s for downtown. 90 manassas. hagerstown 89. annapolis already down to the mid 80s. now dew points not too bad right now. in the 60s for manassas. 63 for martinsburg. tomorrow with the winds shifting from the south. we'll feel the humidity increasing. the summer like pattern
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continues, dry and mild tonight. we'll feel the humidity more so tomorrow. late afternoon showers, thunderstorms possible. more scattered in nature around the area and thursday, a very similar pattern once again. here's your future cast. so tonight pretty uneventful. if you have to take the dog out for a walk, no problems there. tomorrow morning generally around the d.c. immediate metro area, it should be dry for that commute. but maybe some light showers really out toward the southern maryland area, around the river into charles county. tomorrow afternoon, this model picking up some of those scattered showers and thunderstorms late afternoon and during the early evening hours. so tonight though, partly cloudy and mild. a nice night out there. lows will be 67 to 75 degrees and winds will be light. so overnight cooling down to near mid 70s for downtown. 68 for leesburg and 67 degrees for martinsburg. tomorrow morning as you are heading to work, partly to mostly cloudy. slight chance for showers, temperatures in the 60s and
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70s. grab the umbrella just in case because in the afternoon, a chance for some scattered showers and thunderstorms. highs near 90 degrees and with that southerly wind, humidity will be going up as well. highs near 90 for downtown. 92 in gaithersburg, culpeper warming up to 93. here's your seven-day outlook. temperature wise right around seasonal. but because that frontal system kind of hanging out in the area, we continue to flirt with chances of showers and thunderstorms the next few days and notice temperatures go up. we get a burst of heat from monday and tuesday next week into the mid 90s by tuesday. so enjoy this seasonal weather, but tomorrow bring the umbrellas just in case. >> all right. thanks anny. >> appreciate it. up next, d.c. fireworks went off without a hitch, but violence ruined the fourth of july celebration in baltimore. we'll have more on that.
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deadly violence marring last night's fourth of july fireworks show in baltimore. a fight broke out just as america the beautiful was playing and the rockets were bursting in the air. a man was stabbed to death and a four-year-old boy was shot in the leg. the youngster was struck by a stray bullet. police have a person of interest in custody in the stabbing. a fourth of july do over in takoma park. the fireworks that was canceled has been rescheduled for tonight, the 5th of july. people can check out the fireworks display starting about 9:30 p.m. at the takoma park middle school. an effort is underway to curb violence in prince georges county. 61 deaths are linked to violence in the county and they have been linked since 2005. the washington examiner reports a councilwoman has introduced a bill requiring stricter security measures in and outside of the dance hall. one of our area's most upscale
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grocery chains has its eye on prince georges county. the washington examiner reports whole foods plans to open a store in riverdale park. the new whole foods would be located along route 1 near university park as one of the wealthiest communities in the county. just months ago, weeingmans also opened up in prince georges county. >> coming up next and new at 5:30. >> coming up on 9news now, a son is charged with homicide for killing his father. i'm brittany morehouse, i'll have that story coming up.
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updating our top story tonight, the stunning verdict in the casey anthony murder trial. a florida jury today acquitted anthony of murder charges in the death of her two-year-old daughter, caylee. >> casey anthony could have received the death sentence if she was convicted on first- degree murder charges. she was found guilty on four counts of lying to investigators. casey anthony could receive a year in jail on each count when she is sentenced on thursday. a special election will be held to fill the prince georges county council seat of leslie johnson. johnson handed in her resignation. you're looking at her husband. that resignation is supposed to be in effect july 31, but johnson's colleagues called on her to leave immediately. it read in part, after careful thought and consideration, i
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turned in my resignation this morning. i again apologize for my mistake. i am deeply honored to have the opportunity to serve the residents of district 6. the mistakes involved her destroying a check worth $100,000. leslie johnson stuffed nearly 80,000 in her undergarments when federal agents were closing in last november. the outgoing county council member faces up to 18 months in prison when she is sentenced in october. we will have reaction to the resignation of leslie johnson in the 6:00 p.m. newscast. well tonight, a great falls man is accused of murdering his dad. >> police say the 25-year-old son first called 911 to report a break in. but brittany morehouse reports, they soon arrested him for a homicide. >> no one knows what happened inside this home when the fourth of july fireworks were
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most likely ending, but neighbors feel sad and sympathetic that the family that lives here. >> usually when he was there, i used to wave at them. they would pretend they didn't see me. >> now that family is more closed off after news that the 62-year-old father that lives here was stabbed to death and police say his 25-year-old son did it. >> casey emur is charged with killing his father. >> police say they got the call around 10:30 in the evening. when they arrived, they realized there was no break in. >> as they continue to investigate, they discovered the person who called us and told us there was a break in had committed a homicide. >> i cannot comment on motivation or evidence at this point. >> no comment too from neighbors and friends who knew the victim, his wife and two sons. all they can say is that casey is the older son and he is challenged. they also say his father was bound to a wheelchair and his mother and younger brother were out watching fireworks last
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night. casey is now being held in jail on charges of homicide. >> brittany morehouse, 9news now. >> this is the sixth homicide in fairfax county this year. all right, well he's revealed as one of the top religious figures in the world. he is celebrating his birthday here in the nation's capital. the dalai lama arrived in washington earlier today. he will turn 76 years old tomorrow. the first day of an 11 day religious event that is expected to draw 100,000 people. delia is live outside the verison center where the prayer ceremonies will take place. >> reporter: i have to tell you, we have seen a number of people coming here to the verison center where this all will go down. they have been picking up their tickets and folks are excited about what is to come for the next few days. it is an intense religious
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event. it's the buddhistritual meant to purify the verison center. his holiness, the dalai lama arrived to a ceremony at the hotel in dupont earlier today. a crowd of supporters traveled from all over the nation and the world to attend the 11 day spiritual festival, which we're told cost about $45 a day or close to $500 for the whole event. >> it's very special for us and you know, it meant a lot to us, because the dalai lama is a religious political figure. >> why? >> because it is a very special occasion to hear more about buddhism, especially teachings that the dalai lama gives. >> even nonbuddhists can take
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a lot away from this event. it's about being kind to your neighbor. the dalai lama preaches being faithful to your own religion. he does welcome everyone to come to check out this and be a part of this event. this, of course, is the dalai lama's first u.s. visit since he stepped down as tibet's head of state in march. this is a paid event here at the verison center. however there will be a free event saturday morning on the west lawn of the capital. back to you, lesli. >> thanks for that. the federal aviation administration is in the process of updating how it tracks planes in the sky. the new gps system that is replacing the current radar system is called next generation or next gen. the washington post reports we could see quicker departures as automated clearances reduce wait times. another possible benefit, your flight could be shorter. more direct flight pass would
5:35 pm
reduce mileage and flight times. and say good-bye to bumpy landings, maybe. a continuous decent from cruising altitude could allow for a smoother touchdown on the tarmac. a couple more benefits, since the airlines will be flying more direct routes, the carriers could save billions in fuel costs and minimize pollution. and airlines are about to become a lot more efficient. manufactures are using lighter materials, more fuel efficient engines, and planning shorter routes. higher fuel costs and of course tighter environmental restrictions are driving these changes and aviation companies are reportedly borrowing technology from auto makers. for fliers, that could mean less volatile air fares. no more warnings. a couple of speed monitoring cameras went into effect today. speeders near hillcrest elementary school and thomas high school will receive $40 tickets. additional cameras are being
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set up near the city's 15 other school zones. the search is now expanding for the missing boaters off baja, california. their vessel capsized after encountering sudden violent weather on sunday. one american is confirmed dead and seven others are still missing. dozens of survivors grabbed on to coolers and life vests as they had to wait for up to 16 hours to be rescued. up next, a new study linking autism and antidepressant use by women who are pregnant. >> and don't forget, we are always on stay with us, we'll be right back.
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tonight we have a health alert for you that raises concerns over the use of
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antidepressants and autism. a new small study -- if their mom is taking antidepressants like zoloft while they are pregnant. results released in the archives shows especially risky early on. larger studies are needed to confirm these findings and mental health experts say this should not keep women from taking the drugs. >> a doctor in florida create add prescription gel and he believes it can stop the spread of mrsa. that's the fast spreading staff infection. this could save thousands of lives. >> this would be my greatest contribution to people in the whole world. now there's no better feeling than that. >> now the way this works is it would be placed directly on wounds, clinical trials scheduled to get started in a
5:40 pm
few weeks, lesli. >> the duke and duchess of cambridge are in canada's northwest territories. they were greeted by town officials in yellowknife and met with people in the crowd. the newlyweds also took part in customary activities, sports, and a speaking engagement at a session of you'll parliament. the royal couple will wrap up their tour on friday and head to california for a visit. harry potter star, daniel radcliffe said he stopped drinking alcohol. the 21-year-old actor says he made the move after realizing he was drinking too much while filming the sixth movie in the harry potter series in 2009. radcliffe is determined to prove that child actors can go on to build long careers. and residents of europe are caught up in lotto fever. the jackpot reached $284 million. that's $171 million in euros. it's the biggest prize ever. the lottery game is played in 11 countries and the lucky
5:41 pm
winner gets all that money tax- free. should we take off just to go? just one ticket. >> all right. smuggling, but not drugs, not weapons. a woman in mexico caught trying to smuggle her hubby out in a suitcase. the guy is flexible or desperate. anny. >> and a really nice night tonight to have dinner outside, fire up the barbecues. a few showers on doppler radar. more thunderstorms and showers. >> but first, super skimming. stealing your debit card and credit card information. how to keep your money safe.
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in tonight's consumer alert, according to the u.s. secret service,atm skimming is on the rise. more than $1 billion is stolen every year and tonight we're going to tell you how to
5:45 pm
protect yourself and your assets. lauri uses her debit card for everything from groceries to gas. >> my husband went to get gas one day and the card was denied. we knew we had money. >> a quick call to the bank and lauri learned more than $400 was gone. >> our account was at zero. we didn't know how we were going to pay the bills. >> lauri was a victim of skimming. false card readers and hidden wireless cameras are used by thieves to swipe bank account information. >> down load that information and they'll with that information, they will create a bogus card. > curt with the electronics fund transfer association says today's skimming devices like this bogus card reader are increasingly sophisticated. >> it's a well done crime, something that looks just like that which you would typically use when you swipe your card. >> they can be attached to the outside of an atm or a gas lien
5:46 pm
pump and that's where lauri's bank believes she was skimmed. john pierce with adt security forces says check the card reader for anything suspicious. >> a tell tail sign, such as tape sticking out of a portion of the atm or out of the pin pad or tape residue or glue residue when something has been applied. >> then scan your surroundings. >> wireless camera is installed immediately above the atm, within the atm. >> to protect your pin number, cup your hand over the key pad. >> protects you against what the skimming guys capture on their video cameras. >> here's the good news, you are not held liable for any fraudulent lawsuits and many financial institutions are buying antiskimming devices to protect you. a new record for the world's biggest burger. workers at alameda county fair began putting it together over the weekend. they cooked it up and here it
5:47 pm
is. this burger weighing in at 777- pounds. crushing and we mean crushing the old record of 590 mounds. they were selling individual bites for 99 cents each along with a ticket right to the hospital heart ward. and then the proceeds go right to an area food bank, which could really use the burger. >> you could feed a whole village. >> a mexican woman accused of trying to smuggle her common law husband out of prison. but prison officials did notice she was acting weird as she attempted to leave pulling that suitcase. upon checking, they found a picture you just found, a 20- year-old man curled up inside the suitcase in the fetal position. how the heck did he get in there? the wife was arrested and charges are pending. >> wow. >> i can't believe he fit. >> he must be two feet tall. >> flexible. >> i hear people talk about
5:48 pm
that, but not sure we have seen anybody do that. >> it's a new way to travel. >> they would catch you on the weight limit and pay a fee and it wouldn't be worth it, right? >> that's funny. let's talk about the weather. >> tonight looks really nice. get outside, get the walk in if you want. have dinner outside in fact. looking at a nice night. temperatures pretty comfortable for this evening. in fact, even warm to mild conditions. here's a look at the doppler radar where really in the beltway, it's very quiet. lots of sun. we have action, basically out towards the east around bethany beaches. some thunderstorms going through earlier. some light showers. we saw some lightning strikes right here toward the ocean. you can see around dc in the immediate metro area, high pressure having control. allowed us to stay dry for most locations. right now 89 in downtown. 90 in leesburg.
5:49 pm
88 for martinsburg and cumberland, 90 degrees. all right. so the summer-like pattern just continues. dry and mild tonight. wednesday increasing humidity. late afternoon showers and thunderstorms possible. they'll be more scattered and thursday looks very similar. here's the future cast. tonight looks really quiet. partly cloudy conditions. really going to be a nice night and tomorrow morning, we have a slight chance for some light showers, light rain. this model is around pax river, charles county, tomorrow morning, then by the late afternoon, early evening, this model picking up scattered showers and thunderstorms. not expected to be severe tomorrow. tonight, partly cloudy and mild. low 67 to 75 degrees around downtown near mid 70s. a little cooler in winchester at 67. frederick cooling down at 67 as well, annapolis around 75 degrees. tomorrow morning as you're waking up, heading out the door for work. partly to mostly cloudy conditions and mild.
5:50 pm
slight chance of showers. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. pass the umbrella tomorrow, especially for the afternoon and evening. partly to mostly cloudy. scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible. highs near 90 degrees. the winds will be out of the south at 5 to 10 and that's why we'll feel the humidity levels go up tomorrow. so around downtown near 90 degrees. gaithersburg warm at 92. culpeper 93. pax river near 90 and annapolis 90 degrees. so right around seasonal for this time of year. maybe a few degrees above. here's your wednesday day planner. so a mild start to the day. afternoon looks really nice. great for lunch and warming up and again scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible. here's your next three days. so warm tomorrow, look at thursday. very similar conditions and friday around 88 degrees. chance for more showers and thunderstorms. here's your seven-day outlook. temperature wise, we'll be right around seasonal. this frontal system hanging out the next few days and continue to have a chance of showers and thunderstorms through the week and then warming up monday and
5:51 pm
tuesday mid 90s. >> thank you anny. >> hot for sure. all right, brett is here talking about one of his favorite sports of al time, tennis. >> i'll be helping induct andre in the u.s. davis cup tea. and world team tennis kicks off here in dc today. if you're one of those people that can't stand the parking hassles when you go to a sporting event, there are plenty of boat slips available. yes, the castles new stadium is on the warp, venus williams is in the lineup tonight. he has this report. >> the sight of a williams sister in washington, d.c. post wimbledon must mean it's castles time again. >> crazily enough in the 80s and i went to a world team clinic and i runningback really wanting to impress her and i
5:52 pm
wanted to show her what i could do and i was running and hitting as hard as i could. it's so funny. >> serena joins her thursday, this year's outfit features players and coaches who capture 67 grand slam titles between them. a world team tennis record. they played here. the 2700 seat arena was erected each june and then dis assembled. now they are here. and the view -- pretty good. >> you know when you work so hard at something for so long and we've been at this for a year, dreaming about putting this stadium here and have the day here, have these kids out here, which is important. it feels really fantastic. >> the stadium is part of an effort to reviolatize the area.
5:53 pm
the city agreed to provide money to pay for infrastructure in the area. venus did her part, during a clinic with kids, and the williams sisters are draw at the box office. tickets for both venus' debut and serena's thursday, gone. truly one of the hottest tickets in the summer. >> it really is a cool facility down there on the waterfront. in the next couple years when that redevelopment takes hold, the arena is a few blocks away. you can get your seafood and the great thing is, you can watch the tennis and the smell of raw shrimp goes over you. i like that. don't you? >> i do. >> some crab? >> some cooked ones. >> just karen and i. >> actors who sing, that's nothing new. but one star using his talent
5:54 pm
for a good cause. i'm peggy fox with where moms are talking about the inaccurate statements made by michele bachmann. she compared herself to john wayne from waterloo. but john wayne was from winterset, iowa. it was john wayne gasey from waterloo. she said up to 30,000 people were killed in an obama air strike. it was not only completely wrong, but the number killed in a moammar gadhafi crackdown on protesters. do missteps matter to you or do news organizations make too much of them? fibbed out what bachmann said on [ female announcer ] keurig brews more than just hot coffee.
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hot or cold, keurig is the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. actor gary is supporting the troops one guitar cord at a time. >> lisa talked with the actor about his mission to honor the women and men who serve. >> his most famous role. >> lieutenant dan. >> lieutenant dan. >> lieutenant dan. >> playing alongside tom hanks in forest gump. gary wears minihats. currently starring on the hit show, csi, new york. off the set he's an advocate for military members and their families. >> this space is awesome. you have two acres that you're going to have here? >> it's two acres. right here by the capital to be involved with a project like this is amazing.
5:58 pm
>> he is the national spokesman for the american veterans disabled for life memorial that will be built in the shadow of the u.s. capital. >> if you're going to serve your country, you're going to go out there and defend this nation, the nation should show some appreciation and do what we can to take care of them when they come home. so i'm just trying to do my bit. do my part to help keep them strong. >> he has played guitar since he was a kid and started his own band. the lieutenant dan band after 9/11 as a way of giving back. his band travels the globe visiting troops in places like kuwait, afghanistan, and iraq. >> people don't have high expectations for an actor with a band, let's face. i like to surprise them. >> his foundation is helping raise money to build homes for wounded veterans. the job training and other needs. for 18 months, the camera crew followed his band. the result, a movie, lieutenant
5:59 pm
dan band for the common good. available on the internet. one out of every $4 will go to his charitable foundation. >> it's a good first-hand look at the kind of people we have serving in our military. why they do it, how dedicated they are. what they're going through, you know, what the people that support them are going through. what their families are going through. >> he's not doing this for money or a photo op. he has been moved by the stories of the men and women in uniform and he doesn't want them to be forgotten. lisa silvester, cnn, washington. and that movie can be seen at thanks for joining us for 9news now at 5:00. 9news now at 6:00 starts right now. >> this is 9news now. >> as to the charge of first- degree murder, verdict to count one, we the jury find the defendant not guilty. as to the charge of aggravated child

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